Monday, August 15, 2011

New & Improved LessonPix Site up and Running

Well, it took all summer, but the new site is up and running, and we're really proud of it. Lori's been chugging away at the pictures, and there's now over 6,000 of them all indexed and searchable. I've been working on look & feel, and making it as simple as possible to make create custom learning materials.

I think our efforts have paid off: you can now create bingo cards, picture cards for systems like PECS™ and all kinds of materials in just a few clicks.

The current list of materials looks like this:
  • Bingo Games - As many as you need randomized and with a pull sheet
  • Picture Cards - Square pictures for PECS™ and other classroom & home activities
  • Picture & Word Cards - perfectly sized for Word Walls and Sentence Strips
  • Playing Cards - Any pictures you want (even your own) put on colored playing cards
  • Dominoes - A complete set with each pair of pictures
  • Coloring Sheets - Simple, but great to have such a selection
  • Pattern Strips - For early math and pattern recognition
  • Picture Graphs - For tracking and charting events and measurements
  • Lacing Cards - Print, laminate and hole-punch for quick Lacing Cards of any subject
  • Number Cards - Great for early counting and matching quantities with numerals
  • Game Board & Spinner - Handy for selecting an option or for playing with friends
  • Picture Schedules - More of these up soon: great for Autistic kids and even just forgetful ones
  • Beginning/Middle/End Cards - Very simple, but very effective
When you couple that with the SoundFinder and other language tools, this is finally looking like a complete offering.

Our feedback has been incredibly positive, and we think it's a great value at only $2/month!


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