Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Literacy Support with LessonPix

We've gotten more and more requests to show how to use LessonPix outside of a Special Education or AAC setting.  We even have a (wonderful) professor using our tools to help teach future educators how to support Early Literacy.

Since that's a subject close to our own hearts, we've put together a quick video showing how to use to create teaching materials that support a story that's being read in class.

In this video, we:
  1. Choose a well-known story (The Boy who Cried Wolf)
  2. Find symbols and clip art that match the main characters and settings
  3. Build a set of Playing Cards so that the children can play Go Fish! and Memory matching games.
  4. Save the Collection of symbols for later use
  5. Customize the Collection to make it easier to use later.
  6. Build Dominoes just to show how to reuse the symbols once they're collected.

I hope this helps show how to use the site in more general education settings, and we look forward to all of the creative things you will all do with it!


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