Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January- CEC/ DADD Conference

Good-bye January, Hello February!

Where does time go? So much is happening with LessonPix. Last month, we exhibited at our first conference in Miami: CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) / DADD (Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities). It was an amazing experience! I absolutely loved the positive feedback from the attendees. Our intention is to provide an affordable option for visuals and materials for parents, teachers, and therapists. And we learned that there is a need and interest in LessonPix services. I loved talking with users and potential users, hearing their ideas and perspectives. We spent time talking with professors from universities, authors, administrators, parents, SLP's, and teachers - each with different needs. This conference was a great learning experience and has really inspired us in developing more features and materials!
Also, we have been receiving your picture requests and failed searches. As a result, we have been drawing and continuing to build our clip art library. Some new pictures include:
deer, pay, lilypads, slave, wash hands, soap, fern, spine, stump, eye-contact, picnic, sweat, crystal, toast, toaster, aardvark, possum, pajamas, robot, waterfall, praying mantis, thumbs up, get dressed, water fountain, submarine, deodorant and many, many more!  (Plus more to come!)

And don't forget... We love your feedback! So if you have any ideas or pictures needed, just click "help" in the top corner and let us know.  



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