Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Social Skills Pictures from LessonPix Fill a Growing Need

We love our members! 

Social Stories Pictures
Recently, a few of our members have been requesting some unusual and specific pictures: chinning, hugging too tight, request a hug, head butting, etc. But as I think about it, these pictures simply communicate preferred and non-preferred specific behaviors. As a teacher of children with special needs, including a high number of children with Autism, I can see how these pictures can be used in social stories and as picture cues.

With a heartfelt thank you to our members, we now have a new category, “social skills”, with more new pictures coming soon. In addition we will have a couple of new materials such as little books for social stories (or any other small stories based on simple pictures), do / do not cards, and ask / then cards – coming soon.

The “ask / then” cards come from an idea from one of our users from Australia. It will show two cards. The first shows a child requesting an item and the second card shows the item. This can be used in the same way as “first/then” boards, with “first ask and then you may receive”. This can be helpful in dealing with personal space and impulsive behaviors.

Social Skills is an area that seems to be growing in need for direct instruction. Even “typical” children often begin school without knowing appropriate social skills and manners such as asking nicely, waiting, sitting, walk inside, use a tissue (not pick nose), inside voice level, clean your own mess, shut the door to the bathroom, and how to get someone’s attention. (Come to think of it, they may help my teenager as well!)

Whether for a class or your own child, we can help our next generation better communicate (verbal and nonverbal) and become better citizens regardless of their challenges.  So, please feel free to keep the requests coming and be as specific as you’d like- it may help someone else.  I can’t promise all, but we will do our best. 

To request pictures: click "help!" in top right corner, send a facebook comment, or e-mail. Thank you!

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