Monday, August 27, 2012

Classroom Jobs to Start the Year

My class has been in school for a week now and in our first week we focused on establishing rules and meeting new friends. This week we will start setting expectations including following the rules and helping within our classroom community. 

They say, if you want students to become responsible, give them responsibilities. Classroom Jobs are a great way for students to take responsibility for their classroom. When students take responsibility for certain tasks, they...
  • Gain a sense of pride and care for their classroom
  • Actively participate in a classroom community
  • Make classroom procedures more efficient
  • Are valued and included in the classroom
  • Alleviate some of the work for the teacher
Many teachers post a visual to show the classroom jobs. Pocket Charts, magnets, or velcro work in creating the classroom job chart. The teacher may designate the jobs to students, students may choose / apply for their job, or the students may rotate through the jobs. A student's job may change daily, weekly, or quarterly. The previous student may "train" the next student to do their job.

LessonPix provides many pictures teachers can use to create a visual to show the classroom jobs. To make it easy to find, we put all our Classroom Job Pictures in one category in our image library.

Here are some sample jobs for an early childhood / elementary classroom: (Click the link to see a sample picture)
Line Leader
Door Holder
Caboose (Last in Line: keeps class together)
Light Helper (Energy Monitor) (or Lights)
Attendence Checker (or Attendance)
Calendar Helper (or Calendar)
Weather Checker (or Meteorologist, Meteorologist)
Lunch Helper (or Lunch, Lunch, Lunch)
Snack Helper (or Snack)
Table Washer (or Table Washer)
Chair Stacker
Librarian (or Librarian)
PE Helper (or PE Helper, PE Helper, PE Helper)
Art Helper (or Art Helper)
Music Helper (or Music, Music, Music)
Gardener (or Gardener, Gardener)
Pet Caregiver
Center Monitor (Checks centers, calls students to go to their center)
Name Card Helper
Pencil Sharpener
Homework Collector
Notebook Helper (Collects / Hands out Notebooks) (or Notebook)
Cot Helper (Helps with resting cots) (or Cot)
Playground Monitor (or Playground)
Cubbies Monitor (or Cubbies)
Photographer (or photographer)
Table Captain
Teacher Assistant
Desk Inspector
Paper Monitor (or Paper)
Board Eraser
Postman / Mail Carrier
Time Keeper

Personally, I do not use all of these jobs, but I do offer a job for every child. Some teachers choose to have only a few jobs and rotate the children through. However implemented, jobs will provide our students a sense of pride of their classroom and learn responsibility.

Best Wishes to a great start of the year! Have fun with LessonPix!

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