Friday, November 2, 2012

#ASHAVendors Almost Ready to Party!

As @MTMarySLP says, "We're a Fantastic Bunch!"

First, let me say right up front that I couldn't be any happier with how the #SLPeeps who are are exhibiting at ASHA 2012 have turned out and worked together to make the most out of this Convention!

UPDATED: The Sample Cards are ready to be checked! Thanks Everyone!

Thank you all for joining in and getting involved!

For those of you who haven't heard, I asked a couple of weeks ago if any vendors who were active in the Twitter #SLPeeps community wanted to work together to do some cross-booth promotion.  The idea was sparked by my reading the book "The Social Trade Show" by Traci Browne which explains that the success of today's trade shows are determined well before the show starts - and can be driven by Social Media.

I knew that @PediaStaff had created their social media booth and that the #SLPeeps were going to have a central hub (yay!) and I thought it might be worthwhile to try to create a network of "SLPeeps Booths" that all drove traffic to each other.  Very few of us are direct competitors, and we all are on Twitter for the "good reasons".

One Blog Post Later...

A few quick tweets and a detailed blog post got everyone moving, and take a look where we are now!
  1. We have 18 confirmed vendors with one more popular booth trying to get approval before the deadline on Sunday:
  2. We've designed our Posters, which can be downloaded here as PDFs for poster-sized printing:  They look great!  (If you absolutely can't make your own posters, let me know and I can make 18x24's for $20.)
  3. Our Bingo Cards are almost ready to go... just waiting on those last potential vendors and some logo tweaking.  They'll go to the printer on Monday.  We'll be working on how to run the daily prize drawings over the next few days.  Each vendor only needs to pay $20 for their share of the Bingo Cards (you can pay me at the show - what a deal!)
  4. We're building a Cheat Sheet, so that each vendor knows what the others do, where they are, and when to direct visitors to them. About 1/2 the vendors have provided their blurbs & key phrases -- we'll need the rest by Wednesday

What's the End Result?

Well, we won't know for sure until ASHA -- but one thing's pretty certain.  This absolutly can't hurt!

Those of us with small businesses have created a way to stand out in the crowded exhibit hall and will probably increase our foot-traffic dramatically.  All in a way that helps build the #SLPeeps community by making their social media booth our central hub.

Those with larger firms (and booths) get to show that they're still actively engaged with their customers: after all, Super Duper really IS active in the #SLPeeps - they deserve to get recognized as a vendor who still pays attention and listens to their community!

One Last Chance!

We still have a very short time left before we have to close the promotion and get the Bingo Cards printed.  After that, we really can't add any new vendors.  If you've got a booth at ASHA and want to join us, please let me know before noon on Sunday 11/4!

Again, I can't wait to Party with you all at ASHA, and thanks for helping make all of this possible!


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