Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Great Start - a week's summary

So, LessonPix is finally starting to gain traction as a great place to make printable materials for the classroom and home schooling.

Here are some key happenings this week:
  1. We now have (paying!) customers in dozens of states from Florida to Alaska, and would have some in Australia if it weren't for our credit card processor (which we've fixed)
  2. Our selection of Bingo Cards for Teachers has grown with options for black/white, color, and 2-up cards in 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5
  3. We have a new tutorial video showing How to search by sounds with our SoundFinder
  4. Lori and I have been busy cranking out and updating Articles about everything from how to create Picture Cards for Communication to how to use a Memory Matching Game in the home setting
  5. We've responded to your "missed searches" and added great new pictures like a Cubbies Picture, some Attendance clip art and even some of the tougher verbs like Ask and Assist.
A special thank you to all of of you who like LessonPix on Facebook and those who follow us on Twitter! It's a big help. We really need to get some links coming in, so if you have any ideas for great lists of sites like ours, please share them either here in the comments or on Facebook.

Have a great Labor Day, and keep up the feedback--it's helping!


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