Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LessonPix Goes International! (and a small request)

LessonPix has been growing wonderfully -- thank you all for trying and loving the site!

We've been swamped, so I haven't posted in a while, but i thought I'd share some very cool milestones that LessonPix has recently achieved.

First, we now have scores of paying users spread all over the country... he's a sneak peek at our current paid user map.  We're spread from sea to shining sea and from Florida to Alaska:

LP Paying Customers as of 9/13/2001
Perhaps as interesting, we have finally gotten our first international customer: from Slovenia!  Go Figure!  We had orders from Australia, but due to a stupid mistake in our credit card setup (mine), we were rejecting them!

Why would someone from Slovenia purchase a LessonPix subscription?  I'm not sure!  From her searches, it looks like she teaches English (probably American English) to older kids.  However, this leads me to a current concern... you guys are really quiet!

A part of me is thrilled with this: we're getting no major complaints, no requests for refunds, and our customers are really using the site.  This lets us grow our user base without spending as much on support etc.  However, we're getting very little feedback of any kind!

We get an occasional, "I love this site", but I was really hoping to get more friendly criticism, advice and feature requests.  We always react to missed searches, like when we recent got requests for "school stuff" like "recess", "tricycle" and "cubbies".  We generally get these turned around in a day or two, but we're not ever hearing the requests for them--we have to track the searches.

So, if I were to have a request, I'd like to hear more from you!  If you could, please:

Thank you all, and we're glad you're enjoying the site.


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