Monday, September 16, 2013

#SayARR! with LessonPix this International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

It's Pirate Time again!

ARRR! 'Tis Pirate Time Agin!

Last year we had a ball with Cap'n Slappy and his crew bringing International Talk Like A Pirate day to the classroom and therapy setting.

In fact, Last Year's Post is still one of our most popular and has great ideas for bringing fun and excitement to your classroom and therapy. If you haven't already: check out all the pirate ideas!

We've added even more Pirate plunder in the past year, with great Pirate Symbols a new Treasure Map material and a whole article just full of  Pirate Ideas!

This year, we're holding a Sharing & Photo Contest to celebrate the day!

How it Works - #SayARR!

First, we want to get a bunch of pre-made Pirate Materials out there for free!

So, if you're already a LessonPix member, share your best Pirate-Themed materials to the Sharing Center and let us know via the comments below, Twitter or Facebook and we'll mark them as Free Samples so that everyone can enjoy them (even if they're not a paid member).

We'll tag them as TLAPD (Talk Like A Pirate Day) so everyone can find them! Click the image of the map to see the latest submissions.

Second, we want to see you all having fun with your kiddos on Pirate Day!  So, take a picture on Thursday of you and your students having a ball with your Pirate theme and post them to Twitter with the hashtag "#SayARR" or share them with us on our Facebook Page.  We'll review & discuss them and one lucky winner will win a 1 year subscription to LessonPix (or a renewal if they're already a member)!

We'll choose a winner over the weekend and announce them on Monday, September 23 here and on Twitter and Facebook.

So get your materials cranked out and shoot some great pix - most importantly, Have Fun!

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