Saturday, September 17, 2011

Major Issues at LessonPix's Data Center

LessonPix is unfortunately down for the moment with either a server or network failure at our data center downtown.  Here is what we know right now:
  1. The site was just fine effective 4am EST and there was no scheduled activities or downtime
  2. We have verified our backups and we have a full backup as of early this morning, so we will be able to recover -- this is just a matter of time and hassle (and a bit of embarrassment)
  3. Our people are headed to the data center now and are bringing what they need to recover the server.
I don't have an estimated recovery time, but I am also headed there and will post here and to our FaceBook page when we know more.  I have decided to point here to the blog for the time being.  This will probably take some time to undo because of DNS propagation, but I think we should risk that and keep our customers informed. 

Thank you for your patience,

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