Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving from the forums to this Blog

Lori has hijacked LessonPix's Blog and will be using it to share ideas on how I use LessonPix. I invite anyone to comment and share their ideas as well. 

We moved the LessonPix Blog to the menu bar, replacing the "forums". We are hoping to use this format to share ideas and build better communication with our users. Please check the Blog as I will try to update with new ideas as well as share additional custom materials.  

And please tell us- your great ideas you use in your classroom, in therapy, or with your children. They may or may not involve LessonPix. You can share by posting comments to the blog, e-mailing me at, or commenting on our facebook page.

To begin my sharing (simple stuff first)

Did you know......

1. When you search for an image, if you do not find any results, I receive an e-mail. Your failed search result goes in a list of items to draw. You can search for it again in a few days and may discover we now have what you were looking for!!! (I try to draw missing pictures at least once a week.)

2. If you have a specific request- just click "help" at the top right corner of the screen and describe what you need. For example, "I need a boy in a blue shirt holding a candle". I will be happy to draw your custom pictures as soon as I can - usually within the week. 

3. If you would like a blank template, such as the train picture schedule or number cards, just start with an empty tray and click the yellow button, "Create Materials". It will show no pictures in the wizard and print the blank material you choose. (Does not work with Bingo.) This request has been made by one of our users, who would like to velcro the pictures in the blank spots, or use stickers / stamps with the material. Great idea!!

~ Thank you for using LessonPix and remember WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK so we can make LessonPix right for you!


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